Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Spring has arrived...just ask my sinuses! BLAH...
But the wonderful things about Spring springing are..

1. Springing forward.. how AWESOME is it to get home from work and it is still light out! I feel like I have so much more time to do things in the evening!

2. My birthday will be here next month!! No plans yet, but I have no doubt it will be a blast!

3. Flowers will soon be blooming! I love flowers (hydrangeas and roses are my favorite!) so when I saw this baby shower on Honey We're Home that her friend Erin threw I just died for that flower arrangement and had to make it my new background - what do you think?? so springy!

4. Warm weather will be here soon which means I can partake in one of my favorite past times again..

Laying out by the pool

Nothing is more relaxing to me than laying out by the pool with some music, friends and cocktails, of course! I love, love, love to be tan and can't wait to get out there and catch some cancer rays!

Speaking of pool weather here are some swim suits I want this season!

Victoria's Secret has so many gorgeous swimsuits to choose from! Which one do you like??

By the way I think I have found out Victoria's Secret and that is to throw up your food .. I mean, come on.... WHO really looks like that?? ;)

5. I can wear white again!! Technically you are not supposed to wear white pants/shoes until after Easter and up until Labor Day...I may have broken this rule a little bit already (My rule is that you can wear white starting March and until Halloween) because I LOVE my white jeans and I actually just got a new pair of white Joe's Jeans that I love even more than my current pair so I am excited to wear them all Spring and Summer!

Joe's Jeans 'Honey' Curvy Fit Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Jenny White Wash)

What do you love about the arrival of Spring?

Happy St. Patrick's day as well.... go enjoy a green beer! (or 3)

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