Monday, February 28, 2011

Some quick Oscar thoughts

Just thought I would add my own thoughts to the Oscar talk…

The Hosts

I love them both (especially James) and I was really looking forward to a more youthful and humorous Oscars however, they really disappointed me…


(Here is a perfect depiction of their performance. James looking like he could care less and Anne trying way too hard to be funny.)

Gosh. I really don’t know what to say… I sort of forgot James was even hosting (which is so sad because my bf can tell you, I am a HUGE Franco fan). Unfortunately he disappeared behind Anne’s “WOOHOO”’s, uncontrollable laughing, and not funny jokes. I seriously think she was really drunk or just too immature/nervous to host such a prestigious award show … whatever it was, she was acting totally weird and at times, I even felt uncomfortable watching her …

like when she kept touching her stomach…



To be honest, the person who stood out to me the most was SANDRA! She introduced the nominees for Best Actor because she won Best Actress last year and her genuinely natural wit shined far beyond James and Anne’s attempts at humor. She didn’t even seem to try but she was absolutely hilarious – I think she would make a great host one day!!


To “The Academy”…. I, and I am sure others my age would agree,  very much appreciate your attempt at a more youthful Oscars, and while I think Anne and James were a great idea on your part…I think from now on we should stick to veteran comedians to avoid this kind of flop in the future. Sandra 2012 sounds great to me. Just sayin’….

Now on to the dresses!

purple was a big and beautiful color this year!


My favorite. I think she looks so beautiful and her speech was so genuine it brought me to tears. I just love her and I am so happy she won!


My other favorite. So beautiful!! I love the lace detail


Bright colors were also big this year and all 3 ladies look stunning but my favorite has to go to J. Hudson because…well, DAYUM.

Jennifer before




She doesn’t even look like the same person. You go girl!

Another one of my favorites


She looked so beautiful, but to be honest.. its really hard for Gwyneth to do wrong in my book..

Now off to bed for me, goodnight!

Rodeo Recap & the cab ride from hell.

Oh what a weekend. I hope you took the weekend to do something relaxing, fun, or check something off that was on your to do list. If you read Friday’s post, I’m sure you can guess what I did all weekend and man, did we have a great time!! We ate lots of great BBQ, listened to some great music, hung out with good friends and met some new ones. All in all the cook-off never disappoints and this year was no different! I didn’t take a bunch of pictures.. I was busy havin’ fun, but here are a few!



Welcome to Texas, y’all!



The boys



Rich O’Toole band – awesome!!


You never know what Texans are gonna do!


Me and my cowboy Winking smile

We were responsible of course and took a cab there and back and boy was that an interesting ride!

The cab driver started it off by arguing with a cop (we should’ve known what we were getting ourselves into right then), then he was driving 95 mph on the freeway, weaving in and out of cars. I was gripping my boyfriends arm the whole way! THEN we get home safely but he decides that he would rather have cash so he offers to take us to an ATM. The first ATM we try is out of order so he pulls back on the road and stops at a red light. He proceeds to look us and say “Those red light camera things are over with, right??” and runs the light…..

The Second ATM we try is out of order as well, he pulls back on the road and instead of turning right and making a U-turn at the median, he decides to go LEFT on a one way street into oncoming traffic. As he pulls up to the third ATM he hits a curb and a bush and that one is out of order as well … finally the FOURTH ATM works, we get our cash and we are SO happy to finally be headed home. As he is reversing out of the parking spot ….he hits a parked car. Unbelievable.

We ended up walking the rest of the way home.

What a bizarre, crazy experience. I realize now how dangerous all of that sounds but really in the moment of it all my friends and I could not stop cracking up laughing. It was just one of those “are we on candid camera?” moments. Definitely the cherry on top of our night.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Put on your boots y’all, it’s Rodeo time! Part 2–The Cook-Off

The BBQ Cook-off is the weekend long BBQ contest/party that kicks off the Rodeo. Words cannot truly express how much fun the cook-off is. If you have never been, please promise me you will go once in your lifetime. You will not regret it!


The gist of the cook-off is pretty much rows and rows and rows of tents that offer free drinks and free food inside (you have to have wristbands to get in) Last year we only had wristbands to 2 tents but this year we have a couple more options so I am really excited to get to see some different tents and try out all their drinks food. Thousands of people come out for the cook-off and everyone just has such a great time (I mean.. is there better company than southern people eating and drinking for free?)




To make things even better is great music playing as well!

and to top it off, the carnival is going on also! I don’t think it gets any better than that!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Put on your boots y’all, it’s rodeo time! Part 1


(I LOVE my boots! the boyfriend did good, real good!)

The time has come. Rodeo Season is here!! If you have been living under a rock and didn’t know… Houston has THE best and THE biggest Rodeo in the world. Understandable, because everything really is bigger in Texas.

The History


1931 – The Fat Stock Show and Livestock Exposition is    established after 7 men meet for lunch.

1938 – The first Fat Stock Show, horse show and parade is held at the Sam Houston Coliseum.

1952 – The first trail ride takes place. FOUR men take the ride from Brenham to Houston. *now, thousands take the ride from all over Texas to Houston. Rides ranging from 66 miles – 216 miles. (let me tell you from experience, you do not want to get stuck behind them in traffic! it took me an hour and a half to get 10 miles to work one day)

1961 – The Fat Stock Show is officially changed to The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

1966 - The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo moves from the Sam Houston Coliseum to the Astrodome complex. The first performance in the new domed stadium draws 25,340 spectators, and attendance even tops 40,000 for one performance.

1974 - The first World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest is held.

1995 – Paid Rodeo attendance reaches 1 million

2000 - Groundbreaking ceremonies are held in March for the new 70,000-seat, retractable-roof RODEOHOUSTON/NFL stadium.

2001 - Tickets go on sale for the Show's finale in Reliant Astrodome. The March 3, 2002, concert featuring George Strait sells out in less than two hours.

2010 – Attendance reaches a record high of 2.2 million

How incredible! The numbers keep growing and growing and the Rodeo shows no sign of slowing down which is fine by me and I think the other 2.2 mill would agree!

Stay tuned for Part 2 – The Cook-off

Yee Haw!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What’s been bringin’ me bliss

I’m not sure if anyone is out there reading but if you have been, sorry I have been a little MIA. It’s funny how those 10 page papers sneak up on you out of nowhere Winking smile

It has been a LONG couple of days.. but after a few of these


I am feeling MUCH better…

*I know, I know, it’s a Tuesday but hey, it is National Margarita Day so I HAD to pay tribute to one of my favorite drinks.

Anywho, I wanted to share what has been bringing me bliss this week (besides the ritas, obviously)

1. Wearing clothes that I considered throwing away, only to be pleasantly surprised with multiple compliments!

I started a new goal when I was cleaning out and rearranging my closet this weekend and that was to start saving more money and wear what I have! I tend to get in the habit of wearing the same outfits in a cycle and when I get sick of them, I huff and puff that I have NOTHING to wear and decide that I just HAVE to go shopping. Does this sound familiar?? Well I realized that was a really bad habit that I needed to kick! Therefore, I arranged my closet by color and decided to simply start on the left and work my way down!

Here was the outcome for work on Monday




Black Cardigan – Target

Ruffle blouse – Loehmanns

Black Pants – Express

Shoes – Steve Madden

So what do you think??

I haven’t worn the blouse or the shoes in months because the “mustardy” color is sort of out of my comfort zone (I tend to wear black, brown, or red). But I had multiple people tell me how cute I looked and some even asked if I went shopping this weekend! I’m telling you people, what a quick and CHEAP concept! Instead of running out and spending money on more clothes to stuff in your closet, simply start wearing the items you haven’t touched in a while – this is sure to not only save you tons of cash but also renew a love for an outfit you may have forgotten about!

2. A new manicure


and even better, it was FREE!

well.. not completely. On Friday I went to the nail salon and tried the new Shellac nails.


If you haven’t heard of this new technique, it is the new UV3 technique that goes on as easily as nail polish but is SUPPOSED to be chip-free for 14 days. My sister had good results from hers but needless to say after 2 days mine were already coming off completely. I was really disappointed, but I was willing to give them a second chance and they were forced happy to give me a new set of nails.. I forgive you, Nails Beautiful.

3. Rodeo Season is here, y’all!


One of my favorite times of the year! I AM SO EXCITED.

Well, that is all I am giving you for now because The Rodeo deserves an entire post for itself. it is that great.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

An exception to the rule.

I have a rule. Either I read the book or I see the movie. never both. If you read the book AND see the movie you 1. know what is going to happen the whole time and 2. usually leave the movie theatre disappointed *we all know the book is usually better!*

BUT … I am more than happy to make an exception just this once..

Something Borrowed is coming to theaters!!!!!


Something Borrowed Poster

I love this book. Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors, I absolutely love the way she writes. I have read all of her books and a few of them, including Something Borrowed, I have read multiple times. It is that good.

I think they did a great job casting the roles and even though I know how the movie will end, I cannot wait to see the story come to life on screen!!!

Click here to watch the trailer!

I don’t know if I can make it ‘til May 6th… I may have to go read it one more time..

Oh and one more thing, I seriously think I have a problem..

I bought those two pairs of shoes the other day and then today I came across these.



WHY is this happening to me? They are calling out to me and it would be cruel and unusual to ignore such a pretty pair of shoes… right??

It is totally normal to purchase 3 pairs of shoes in one week, right???

Is anyone out there?? I NEED HELP!!

Damn you auto correct…

One of my fave bloggers Confessions of a 20 something posted this a while back and I came across it again today – it is absolutely hilarious!!








oh gosh, so funny!!! Autocorrect gets me all the time!

It’s almost Friday!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I’m loving Wednesday…

I love when my favorite bloggers join in on this fun topic so I thought I would do the same!

1. my new shoes.

I decided to venture over to Target on my lunch break just to browse and look what I found!

Product Image Women's Xhilaration® Tailynn Heeled Sandals - Black

on clearance.

for $10.00.

I also bought these in brown, not on clearance so I had to talk myself into them…. they were at the steep price of $29.99 Smile


                     Product Image

Don’t you love finding AWESOME deals when you aren’t even looking!! Since it always seems to happen to me, lately I try to “random” shop. Walk into stores just to browse, not looking for anything in particular, that seems to be the times I find items that I absolutely love! I can’t wait to wear these this summer!!

2. Last nights Glee. songs from Justin Bieber AND Rent. get. out.

Lea Michele gives me goose bumps every time she opens her mouth. Then she had to go and DOMINATE one of my favorite songs. Take me or leave me from Rent.


I have no words.

3. Catching up on the bachelor


Monday nights episode was a little boring to me, too many tears and whining but the plus side was that they went to Anguilla which is so incredibly gorgeous AND Brad narrowed it down to the final four. Finally.

Every season I watch the bachelor/bachelorette it is always so obvious who the top 4-5 ladies/men are from the beginning. Brad should have narrowed it down to the final 3 weeks ago.

The 6 ladies in Monday’s episode were Chantal, Emily, Ashley, Michelle, Shawntel and Britt. Brad has had absolutely NO chemistry with both Britt and Shawntel from the beginning, he should have sent Britt home a long time ago, and sent Shawntel packing with Michelle.

My top 3 are…

Chantal O.


I have mixed emotions about her. She slapped him the first night which was really bizarre to me but I think Brad was into it. They have had obvious chemistry from the beginning and I think Brad will pick her in the end, but she strikes me as one who is falling in love with the romantic, lavish dates rather than with him.

 Just sayin’….



love, love, love her! who doesn’t?? She is sweet as can be and so gorgeous! Not to mention she works for a Hospital and has a little girl! Brad has been awestruck with her since day one which has been obvious but I just don’t see the two of them together. I think she would be the perfect candidate for the next bachelorette!



She wasn’t my pick from the beginning but she is who I would choose for Brad in the end. She is so genuine and it is obvious Brad feels very comfortable with her. She loves to have fun and be silly and they always have a great time together.

Whoever Brad chooses (if he chooses one at all) CHANCES are they will be together for about 6 months of publicity stunts and either have a huge publicity stunt breakup or they will just disappear. Once again, just sayin’…. (you know you don’t really believe it is true love either…)

We all know that the bachelor reunions are where the true love really happens…

(Deanna and Stephen – on different seasons, now engaged)

(Holly and Michael – on different seasons, now engaged)

(Tenley and Kiptyn – on different seasons and now dating)


What are you lovin’ on this Wednesday??