Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Framed cleaning checklist

Like every wonderful Type A, OCD obsessed out there, I love a good ole checklist, there is nothing quite like the accomplishment of checking something off, especially when it comes to the mundane tasks of cleaning! I have been scouring Pinterest to find a cleaning checklist for quite some time but could never find the right one. When I saw this one, I knew it was just the right project I was looking for!

Easy way to keep the house clean! Just check off and then wipe away!

Not only does this allow you to customize your own cleaning checklist,  but then framing it allows you to check off what you have completed using a dry erase marker, wipe it clean each day, week or month and continue to reuse it again and again!



Sheet of printer paper

Dry Erase Markers

Decorative paper (I used tissue paper)


This was seriously the easiest DIY I have ever done. Took a whopping 5 minutes! I will probably go back and eventually add more to my checklist, and type it up to make it look neater like the pinterest version, but for now, this does the trick for me!

Head over to Hi Sugarplum to see some other awesome DIY projects that were finished “In about an hour”

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bailey Anne: 3 Months

Clothes: Well, a lot of the 0-3 suddenly became too small OVERNIGHT it was a sad day when I went to dress her and a 0-3 outfit didn’t fit! She is still in between sizes though, her 3 mo. clothes still fit but some are too tight (length wise) the 3-6 are a little too big. I’m sure she’ll be filling them out in no time.

Routine: We still have a great routine during the day she is eating every 3 hours, during the nights have been pretty amazing. We had our first 9 hour night this month. It was incredible!!!  I felt like a new woman! A night in our house can be anywhere from 6-9 hours. I have tried lately to skip her nap in the evenings and filling it with a walk in the stroller and her bath and that helps her sleep longer but sometimes she insists on that nap! I try to put her closer to 10 pm because she has a good chance of making it until 6:30 ish and I can just get up for the day, but every now and then she’ll go down closer to 9 and wake up around 4 am then again at 7 am.

Personality: smiling and laughing so much now,  even laughed out loud for the first time, so cute!! She loves to mimic what our mouths are doing and talk to us. Love to sit up (with assistance of course) and pick her head up.

She still loves the ceiling fans, and lamps. I showed her some Elmo you tube videos and she loved him, she also loves “Mr. Bunny” as we call him, Big Bird and a bumblebee.

Big things happened this month. She is in her room full time and she started rolling over! Every morning when I get her from her crib she has flipped over! She also started going to the gym nursery! I have to admit, that first work out class was hard, I thought about her the entire time but ever since it has been great. She loves it, the ladies are so sweet and she even has a little (boy)friend she swings next to, don’t tell dad! Smile

We also went back to Horseshoe Bay where she had her first dips in the pool, which she loved. good girl.

We also had our first night in the ER. The day we came home from vacation she started spitting up bile. We went to a 24 hr. clinic where they took x-rays and sent us over to TX Children’s via ambulance. Multiple hours and x-rays later all turned out fine and they sent us on our way. Talk about emotional rollercoaster!!

hopefully Month 4 will be a little less dramatic!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Frugal Find: leopard “tortoise” sunnies

if you know me, you KNOW I love me some good leopard print or tortoise as its sometimes called, (basically same look, different name).

I just can’t help it, I am now more obsessed than ever. Leopard is popping up everywhere I go! So when I saw these beauties, I had to find a cheaper option!

fell hard for these, but not the price tag. Karen Walker $220

Kate Spade Gayla $128

Ray Ban Tortoise Wayfarer $150

Image 1 of ASOS Bridge Detail Cats Eye Sunglasses

ASOS $19.88

UrbanSpecs Sunglasses Classics <em>Wayfarer</em> / Frame: <em>Tortoise</em> Lens: Brown

Eye Specs $8.99


Found these on Ebay for $7


Addiction satisfied. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspire me: Healthy

I’m not sure if it’s the heat and we are all forced into our skivvies or what but blog land has been booming with healthy inspiration for weeks now and I am loving it!!! I have been eating healthier and working out on my own but now Kristen and Raven have started a link up, the perfect way to help keep us all on track.


Height: 5’5’’

starting weight before I was pregnant: 135-140


Final weight during pregnancy: 166

baby pics 015

Current Weight: 144


Goal Weight: 130-135


Workout 4-5 times a week

Cook 4 times a week

Drink 8 glasses (64 oz) of water daily

I have been told that while I am still breastfeeding my body will hold onto some of the fat that it needs. So while I am not going to dwell on the POUNDS at this point (my baby is #1)  I want to feel better and get back in shape so I am going to track progress, workouts, water intake and weekly meals just to keep myself accountable! Even if you aren’t shedding pounds, guaranteed if you are working out, and eating better you will start to feel better and that is great motivation right there! Here’s to getting healthy and feeling great! Hope you will join!