Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bizay with a capital B

I know, I know I have been an AWFUL blogger. but I can tell you between moving, Chicago and summer school wrapping up I am one Bizay girl. no, not busy. BIZAY with a capital B. Trust me when I tell you, I would rather be doing ANYTHING but school work. Laundry, dishes, sit here and ramble on about how Bizay I am. ANYTHING.

Wanna know how Bizay I am??



One should not cross a girl who loves to have her nails done but is too Bizay to get them did. I believe I warned you here.

to top it off….

I am drinking a redbull for breakfast.

Ready. Set. Judge.

But seriously, I cannot WAIT to catch yall up on my lovely bachelorette pad (and no we don’t whine bitch moan about a guy who obviously isn’t interested in us whose name rhymes with Dentley) ugh. First season EVER of bach/bachette that I haven’t watched religiously. Lets not get me started on that subject.

I also have to catch yall up on Chi-town! here’s a sneak peak


Doesn’t it look fake!!??

talk to you soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

all moved in!

so my roomie and I are all moved in, unpacked.. well thats a different story... but I love our place and can't wait to get it all done and show you :)

We don't have internet (or CABLE) or food. We did however, carry my TV over to her old apartment, sat on the floor and watched Kardashians & RHONJ. you gotta do what you gotta do, people. I told you I love reality TV.

THEN this morning I was sleepwalking to the vending machine because like I said, I have no groceries OR coffee (gasp), went to get a strawberry poptart, pressed the wrong button and, ended up with... a SALAMI STICK. FML.

Happy Monday...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bachelorette Pad

As I said yesterday. I am moving this weekend!! My friend and I are really looking forward to decorating our little bachelorette pad in a chic, girly, yet comfortable way. I have been scouring over the internet and there really isn’t a lot of pictures that capture the exact image I have in my mind, which will make this even more fun.

We are going for a girly, traditional yet a little modern d├ęcor

I would say a mix between these




I love the lines of the couch in the first one better and the wooden box of Hydrangeas. But want to incorporate more modern prints like in the second and third picture.


also want to incorporate striped curtains in our living room! I also love the mirrored coffee table with the stone fireplace.

Then maybe add a little entry table with a chalk board frame!


For my bathroom I want to do a very relaxing, romantic look


I have a vanity so I really want a stool like this!



I also want to incorporate this medicine cabinet idea from the decorista.

She dressed up a plain old cabinet with a fun print!


I’d like to wallpaper our laundry room too! I think you should love every space of your house


how fun would laundry be here??

Ok well that’s stretching it… but you get the idea!

I am really going to try to not follow any rules. In my opinion the best places aren’t those cookie cutter ones. The best ones are homes that have a mix of modern and traditional, different textures, different patterns, and hand me downs.

One thing I know is that there’ll be lots of hydrangeas! and wine :)


Can’t wait to share with you our lil bach-ette pad! Party at my place! ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blonde, Britney, Wine & Travel Plans!


Happy Hump day!!

Here is what I’ve been lovin’ on lately

1. My blonde appointment last week – what’s better than a fresh new head of highlights …need I say more?


2. Its Britney B*!$#


yep Ms. Spears is coming to H-town next month and me and two of my girlfriends got our tickets!!! Cannot wait!

I am really considering pulling a Bailey and dressing to the nine


4. Prosecco


yum. yum. and yum.

When it comes to wine, I usually stick to red but like I have bitched about stated numerous times it is so F-ing hott here that this cold Italian sparkling wine does the trick! Careful girls, this stuff goes down like water!

4. up and coming travel plans

BF sprung on me last week that he is whisking me away to CHI town in a couple of weeks for our 2 year anniversary and. I. am. so. freaking. excited!!!


Ever since we met he talked about how amazing it was, so we have always talked about going!


We are planning to do some of the must-see-do Chicagoy things of course, but I’d love to hear if any of you have any suggestions for what we should do while we’re there!

We are also planning on going to our good friends families timeshare in CABO! sometime either end of this year or early next.


It is so hard to focus on anything when you have future travel plans isn’t it??

5. Speaking “travel plans” I am moving this weekend!!!

Back in with my bestie!!


Can’t wait to decorate!

What have you been lovin’ lately?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A swimsuit, a poof and girls playing football

Hi loves! Sorry for the absence yesterday, I was still recovering from my busy weekend!!

Friday started off fabulous as I WON my first giveaway anything. Seriously. first. time. EVER. to win. anything. I won A Blonde Ambition’s giveaway for a $50 credit to Swim Spot! Woohoo!I am going to order up this lovely thang


Isn’t it gorg!? I am definitely a bandeau girl (I hate tan lines!!) and I love the ruffle detail! :)

Thanks, Leslie!!

Then I met up with some friends for happy hour night, but first I attempted (key word, attempted) Pink Lou Lou’s infamous POOF!



Notes for next time: Tease more than you think, use more hairspray than you think, add wine…

practice makes perfect, right??

Saturday was the Blondes vs. Brunettes Powderpuff football game benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association. What. a blast. The organization raised over $100,000!! It was my first time participating and I will definitely be doing it again.

I know they have it in Washington D.C., Austin, and Dallas so you should definitely check to see if they have it in your area and participate next year!




Not only was the game so fun, it was followed by an after party, with burgers, music & an afternoon of flip cup!




Go Blonde or go home.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion & Fitness Fridays

Happy Friday!!! I decided to continue doing Fashion Fridays with Kori at Blonde Episodes but throw in Fitness Fridays as well for 2 reasons…

1. To hold me (formally known as a lazy bum) accountable on working out! and track my progress anddd

2. Because the two really do go hand in hand, at least for me, when I feel more fit, healthy and in shape, my clothes not only look and feel better but I enjoy fashion a whole lot more! so lets get to it

Fashion Fridays


Since it is FREAKING hott here, I have been obsesssssing over wearing dresses morning, noon and night! I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and have been really attracted to bright colors and bold (er) prints… in the past I usually stuck to simple prints but summer is really the season to stand out! Here are some affordable lovelies - I am biting my tongue not to run out and purchase all of them!


Francescas - $38.00


Modcloth - $49.99


E dress me $37.00

{loooooove this – perfect for summer!}


Forever 21 - $19.80

I am loving tie die right now!


Forever 21 – $22.80


I love this tie die dress too! Forever 21 - $22.80


Forever 21 - $24.80 – my two favorite things a bow & ruffles!


Maxi dresses are the perfect day to night summer outfit

Wear it casually during the day, then throw on some extra make up and jewelry for night.


Forever 21 - $24.80


e dress me $46.00


Crochet & lace maxi – Forever 21 – $27.80


LuLu's $49.00


Forever 21- $19.80


Forever 21 - $22.80

workin on my fitness

I really don’t want to loose much, I am a 4-6 so really just want to be a 4 all around and I want to tone up and feel better when I’m running around in this God awful heat.

This week I only worked out twice #imaloser BUT I did run without stopping for almost 1 1/2 mi. I hadn’t gone that far without stopping so that was exciting!! andddd I hadn’t planned on doing this yet so don’t judge just quite yet ;)

Have a GREAT weekend loves!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

more shoes, please

I have a relatively small closet (for me at least) ;) and I like to change things up, my sister and I would SWITCH rooms every couple of months. I’m sure we gave our parents such a headache! so lately I have been thinking about a different way to display/store my shoes.

Right now I have them stacked on a 5 tier wire shoe rack in my closet that sits under where my belts & scarfs hang…


Here are some other ideas I found:


I love how organized these clear boxes look


another idea for putting in boxes: include a picture on the front so you can easily find the pair you want!


inside of an ottoman – love that!


But all of these ideas hide your shoes away… I would love to display mine out in the open!

like this


in a bookcase – this would be great in an office, dressing room, or if you had a large enough closet, like this….



or on a smaller scale, just put some of your favorite pairs on a book case in your room

or this…


Pick some of your favorite shoes and display them in a china cabinet



turn them sideways for more of a “shoe boutique” feel

or how about on the wall?


the shoes are hung there by moldings attached to the wall.

it would look something like this


or how about on a ladder??


I love the china cabinet idea but I already have a book case in my room so I think I may empty one of the middle shelves and display a few of my favorite pairs. I love shoes and you should always display what inspires you and brings you bliss! 

How do you store your shoes? or do you have them on display?

I’d love to see!