Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blonde, Britney, Wine & Travel Plans!


Happy Hump day!!

Here is what I’ve been lovin’ on lately

1. My blonde appointment last week – what’s better than a fresh new head of highlights …need I say more?


2. Its Britney B*!$#


yep Ms. Spears is coming to H-town next month and me and two of my girlfriends got our tickets!!! Cannot wait!

I am really considering pulling a Bailey and dressing to the nine


4. Prosecco


yum. yum. and yum.

When it comes to wine, I usually stick to red but like I have bitched about stated numerous times it is so F-ing hott here that this cold Italian sparkling wine does the trick! Careful girls, this stuff goes down like water!

4. up and coming travel plans

BF sprung on me last week that he is whisking me away to CHI town in a couple of weeks for our 2 year anniversary and. I. am. so. freaking. excited!!!


Ever since we met he talked about how amazing it was, so we have always talked about going!


We are planning to do some of the must-see-do Chicagoy things of course, but I’d love to hear if any of you have any suggestions for what we should do while we’re there!

We are also planning on going to our good friends families timeshare in CABO! sometime either end of this year or early next.


It is so hard to focus on anything when you have future travel plans isn’t it??

5. Speaking “travel plans” I am moving this weekend!!!

Back in with my bestie!!


Can’t wait to decorate!

What have you been lovin’ lately?


  1. My last job's headquarters was in CHItown and I loved going there. It's an awesome place!

  2. LOVE Chicago - there are so many great things to do there! Be sure and visit the Ghiradelli's shop which is off Michigan by the Watertower and Hancock building. Also, the Navy Pier is a must. If you like aquarium's the Shedd was amazing. They have the dolphin arena made so that the windows look out onto the lake and it's amazing to see how it almost makes their tank extend to it. Millenium Park is also pretty.

    For food, Ed Debevik's is fun - the people there are purposely rude to you. And Giordano's is a must for their famous deep dish pizza.

    Hope that helped. hahaha Have fun! :)

  3. Dropping by from WILW! I'm your newest follower! love the blog!

    Feel free to check me out at

  4. i'll be at britbrit's show too!! i can't wait and you're gonna have so much fun in chicago!

  5. I miss being blonde! Your upcoming trips sound like so much fun!


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