Monday, June 20, 2011

all moved in!

so my roomie and I are all moved in, unpacked.. well thats a different story... but I love our place and can't wait to get it all done and show you :)

We don't have internet (or CABLE) or food. We did however, carry my TV over to her old apartment, sat on the floor and watched Kardashians & RHONJ. you gotta do what you gotta do, people. I told you I love reality TV.

THEN this morning I was sleepwalking to the vending machine because like I said, I have no groceries OR coffee (gasp), went to get a strawberry poptart, pressed the wrong button and, ended up with... a SALAMI STICK. FML.

Happy Monday...


  1. lol! The salami stick part made me LOL! Sounds like exactly what would happen to me! Hope your Tuesday was better girl!


  2. hahaha eww over processed salmi stick meat product hahaha, but i could go for a pop tart right about now.


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