Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bizay with a capital B

I know, I know I have been an AWFUL blogger. but I can tell you between moving, Chicago and summer school wrapping up I am one Bizay girl. no, not busy. BIZAY with a capital B. Trust me when I tell you, I would rather be doing ANYTHING but school work. Laundry, dishes, sit here and ramble on about how Bizay I am. ANYTHING.

Wanna know how Bizay I am??



One should not cross a girl who loves to have her nails done but is too Bizay to get them did. I believe I warned you here.

to top it off….

I am drinking a redbull for breakfast.

Ready. Set. Judge.

But seriously, I cannot WAIT to catch yall up on my lovely bachelorette pad (and no we don’t whine bitch moan about a guy who obviously isn’t interested in us whose name rhymes with Dentley) ugh. First season EVER of bach/bachette that I haven’t watched religiously. Lets not get me started on that subject.

I also have to catch yall up on Chi-town! here’s a sneak peak


Doesn’t it look fake!!??

talk to you soon!

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