Monday, May 16, 2011

A good case of the Mondays and summer nails

Hi loves! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

I woke up with a bad case of the Mondays… I was really dreading getting up and doing anything. at. all. but then I heard something that quickly turned my attitude around:

“Monday sets the tone for your entire week. You get to decide how you want your week to be”

How great is that!!?? and what a great outlook that turned my bad case of the Mondays into a positive day! So whether you goofed on a new diet this past weekend, or didn’t stick to your workout plan last week, today begins a brand NEW week and you have the power to stick to your guns this week and make it a good one!! I now dub “I have a case of the Mondays” to a positive saying!


I am linking up with Lindsay in New Hampshire for a fun post about go-to summer nail polish!

If you have been reading you know that I ALWAYS have my nails done, and if I don’t it’s most likely been a helluva week so you probably shouldn’t come anywhere near me… anyway.. lately I have been keeping my nails in french manicure because it is easy and matches everything! But now that it officially feels like summer and my skin tone is resembling summer, I decided to branch out a bit and am now sporting…


Essie Ballet slippers on my fingers

*I know some of you probably are laughing at me because pale pink is “branching out” for me, but like I said, I like my nails to match my outfits because I am f-ing crazy it just makes sense, ok? AND it makes you look very tan! :)

and OPI on Collins Ave. on my toes


I’m in LOVE with this color!! who knows.. I just might get a lil’ crazy and put it on my fingernails!

What colors are you sporting this summer?

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  1. I have OPI on Collins Ave on my toes too! I can't get enough of the bright colors during the summer!


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