Sunday, June 5, 2011

my dirty little boughetto secret

If you don’t know the reference and/or meaning of the word boughetto… we can’t be friends… just kidding, but seriously.. step up your trash tv game ;)

speaking of trash tv… yesterday might have been one of the best days ever. I laid around on the couch, ate some…



and flipped back and forth between a marathon of this trash


and this trash


yes, that is indeed, The Hills circa 2007

oh what a day. I could watch trash all. day. long. However, a little sadness did sneak up on me, as I had to re-watch the demise of Heidi’s sanity and be reminded of what once was a cute, normal looking psycho girl.




ugh. don’t even get me started

anywho. back to my point, boughetto

which I believe I am a little bit of now.

If you have been a faithful follower/reader of my blog (I LOVE YOU)  and you know that 1. I always have my nails done, if I don’t, you should know its been a BAD week and you shouldn’t come within 10 ft. of me. and 2. I always like my nails to match what I’m wearing, therefore, 90% of the time… I sport a french manicure.

Well after years of french tips at the nail salon, my poor brittle nails could not take another drill to them. so I had to get creative….

First, I started doing my own french with the help of this handy dandy tool


Sephora French Manicure pen

what an awesome little tool, but like any regular french manicure, it would chip in 2-3 days. I put up with that for a while but really, I can’t stand to re-do my nails every 2-3 days

so one day, I was at Walgreens picking up some essentials and I happened to find my way to the nail polish aisle and found these bad boys


yep. that’s right.

I have passed this aisle many a times and the thought had crossed my mind a time or two… but on this day, I went for it.

$5.99 glue on nails.

and they have changed my life

they take about about 5 minutes to put on, look fab and last 2-3 WEEKS!! for 5.99!!!!!!!!

Girls, this is so simple and life changing you have to try it…

Here are the simple steps to my $5.99 boughetto manicure

1. clean your nails completely with nail polish remover

2. Find the first nail that fits to yours (the pack comes with 11 different sizes so you can find exactly the right fit for your nail)

3. Put a couple dots of glue on your own nail and the fake nail


4. Press it down onto your nail for 10 seconds


5. pull off that little tab on the nail (it’s there to just help you hold the nail)

File the nail to your liking, and go!


I have gotten so many compliments, people even think they are my real nails. and they are STUNNED when I tell them, nope, they are KISS glue on nails for $5.99!!!

I think the best part of it all is that I carry the GLUE in my purse in case one happens to fall off! can you picture it.. blonde chick.. in the bathroom… GLUING her nail back on… HAHA!

so there it is, friends, my dirty little boughetto secret…and I love it!!

Do y’all have any?? I’d love to hear! :)


  1. LMAO!!!!! You had me at "If you don’t know the reference and/or meaning of the word boughetto… we can’t be friends… just kidding, but seriously.. step up your trash tv game ;)"

    Omg! Seriously, I think we're destined to be friends. Just FYI!

  2. haha love this. I've used their pedicure one and it worked so well! It definitely works great in a bind!

  3. hey girl..just found you blog from one of my followers and love it! I def have been using the drug store nails for a while now haha best thing everrrr! Now following you ;)


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