Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bailey Anne: 3 Months

Clothes: Well, a lot of the 0-3 suddenly became too small OVERNIGHT it was a sad day when I went to dress her and a 0-3 outfit didn’t fit! She is still in between sizes though, her 3 mo. clothes still fit but some are too tight (length wise) the 3-6 are a little too big. I’m sure she’ll be filling them out in no time.

Routine: We still have a great routine during the day she is eating every 3 hours, during the nights have been pretty amazing. We had our first 9 hour night this month. It was incredible!!!  I felt like a new woman! A night in our house can be anywhere from 6-9 hours. I have tried lately to skip her nap in the evenings and filling it with a walk in the stroller and her bath and that helps her sleep longer but sometimes she insists on that nap! I try to put her closer to 10 pm because she has a good chance of making it until 6:30 ish and I can just get up for the day, but every now and then she’ll go down closer to 9 and wake up around 4 am then again at 7 am.

Personality: smiling and laughing so much now,  even laughed out loud for the first time, so cute!! She loves to mimic what our mouths are doing and talk to us. Love to sit up (with assistance of course) and pick her head up.

She still loves the ceiling fans, and lamps. I showed her some Elmo you tube videos and she loved him, she also loves “Mr. Bunny” as we call him, Big Bird and a bumblebee.

Big things happened this month. She is in her room full time and she started rolling over! Every morning when I get her from her crib she has flipped over! She also started going to the gym nursery! I have to admit, that first work out class was hard, I thought about her the entire time but ever since it has been great. She loves it, the ladies are so sweet and she even has a little (boy)friend she swings next to, don’t tell dad! Smile

We also went back to Horseshoe Bay where she had her first dips in the pool, which she loved. good girl.

We also had our first night in the ER. The day we came home from vacation she started spitting up bile. We went to a 24 hr. clinic where they took x-rays and sent us over to TX Children’s via ambulance. Multiple hours and x-rays later all turned out fine and they sent us on our way. Talk about emotional rollercoaster!!

hopefully Month 4 will be a little less dramatic!!


  1. She is the CUTEST! I love that picture of her and Big Bird...but OMG my heart broke at the pictures of her in the hospital. I can imagine how scary that was but I'm she's ok!

    Now I'm feeling so guilty because I have yet to post Violet's 4th and 5th month. Whoops! lol

  2. Yowza, that is so scary! I'm so sorry you had to go through that but thank goodness she is OK. She is so beautiful!

  3. She is so precious!! And yes, I hope month 4 goes very smoothly!!

  4. sweet little lady! I hope 4 months is much better:)

  5. She is too cute! Thank goodness that nothing was wrong!! How worried you must've been!

  6. She is too cute! Glad nothing major was wrong!

  7. I seriously almost cried looking at the pictures of her in the hospital. Omg. I am so glad everything was ok!! Sorry my comment is belated but by golly she's a cutie!!


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