Monday, February 28, 2011

Some quick Oscar thoughts

Just thought I would add my own thoughts to the Oscar talk…

The Hosts

I love them both (especially James) and I was really looking forward to a more youthful and humorous Oscars however, they really disappointed me…


(Here is a perfect depiction of their performance. James looking like he could care less and Anne trying way too hard to be funny.)

Gosh. I really don’t know what to say… I sort of forgot James was even hosting (which is so sad because my bf can tell you, I am a HUGE Franco fan). Unfortunately he disappeared behind Anne’s “WOOHOO”’s, uncontrollable laughing, and not funny jokes. I seriously think she was really drunk or just too immature/nervous to host such a prestigious award show … whatever it was, she was acting totally weird and at times, I even felt uncomfortable watching her …

like when she kept touching her stomach…



To be honest, the person who stood out to me the most was SANDRA! She introduced the nominees for Best Actor because she won Best Actress last year and her genuinely natural wit shined far beyond James and Anne’s attempts at humor. She didn’t even seem to try but she was absolutely hilarious – I think she would make a great host one day!!


To “The Academy”…. I, and I am sure others my age would agree,  very much appreciate your attempt at a more youthful Oscars, and while I think Anne and James were a great idea on your part…I think from now on we should stick to veteran comedians to avoid this kind of flop in the future. Sandra 2012 sounds great to me. Just sayin’….

Now on to the dresses!

purple was a big and beautiful color this year!


My favorite. I think she looks so beautiful and her speech was so genuine it brought me to tears. I just love her and I am so happy she won!


My other favorite. So beautiful!! I love the lace detail


Bright colors were also big this year and all 3 ladies look stunning but my favorite has to go to J. Hudson because…well, DAYUM.

Jennifer before




She doesn’t even look like the same person. You go girl!

Another one of my favorites


She looked so beautiful, but to be honest.. its really hard for Gwyneth to do wrong in my book..

Now off to bed for me, goodnight!


  1. I absolutely love Sandra Bullock. I agree with you in that she would make a great host.

    You're right on target with Natalie Portman's dress. It was so amazing! We've already talked about the tears :).

  2. So funny you picked my top 3 as well. I LOVED Mila Kunis, Jennifer Hudson, and Gwyneth Paltrow. My 3 favs by far and I agree Jennifer Hudson looks amazing. Good for her. I also thought they were terrible hosts and I'm with you on Sandra hosting for next year!


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