Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I’m loving Wednesday…

I love when my favorite bloggers join in on this fun topic so I thought I would do the same!

1. my new shoes.

I decided to venture over to Target on my lunch break just to browse and look what I found!

Product Image Women's Xhilaration® Tailynn Heeled Sandals - Black

on clearance.

for $10.00.

I also bought these in brown, not on clearance so I had to talk myself into them…. they were at the steep price of $29.99 Smile


                     Product Image

Don’t you love finding AWESOME deals when you aren’t even looking!! Since it always seems to happen to me, lately I try to “random” shop. Walk into stores just to browse, not looking for anything in particular, that seems to be the times I find items that I absolutely love! I can’t wait to wear these this summer!!

2. Last nights Glee. songs from Justin Bieber AND Rent. get. out.

Lea Michele gives me goose bumps every time she opens her mouth. Then she had to go and DOMINATE one of my favorite songs. Take me or leave me from Rent.


I have no words.

3. Catching up on the bachelor


Monday nights episode was a little boring to me, too many tears and whining but the plus side was that they went to Anguilla which is so incredibly gorgeous AND Brad narrowed it down to the final four. Finally.

Every season I watch the bachelor/bachelorette it is always so obvious who the top 4-5 ladies/men are from the beginning. Brad should have narrowed it down to the final 3 weeks ago.

The 6 ladies in Monday’s episode were Chantal, Emily, Ashley, Michelle, Shawntel and Britt. Brad has had absolutely NO chemistry with both Britt and Shawntel from the beginning, he should have sent Britt home a long time ago, and sent Shawntel packing with Michelle.

My top 3 are…

Chantal O.


I have mixed emotions about her. She slapped him the first night which was really bizarre to me but I think Brad was into it. They have had obvious chemistry from the beginning and I think Brad will pick her in the end, but she strikes me as one who is falling in love with the romantic, lavish dates rather than with him.

 Just sayin’….



love, love, love her! who doesn’t?? She is sweet as can be and so gorgeous! Not to mention she works for a Hospital and has a little girl! Brad has been awestruck with her since day one which has been obvious but I just don’t see the two of them together. I think she would be the perfect candidate for the next bachelorette!



She wasn’t my pick from the beginning but she is who I would choose for Brad in the end. She is so genuine and it is obvious Brad feels very comfortable with her. She loves to have fun and be silly and they always have a great time together.

Whoever Brad chooses (if he chooses one at all) CHANCES are they will be together for about 6 months of publicity stunts and either have a huge publicity stunt breakup or they will just disappear. Once again, just sayin’…. (you know you don’t really believe it is true love either…)

We all know that the bachelor reunions are where the true love really happens…

(Deanna and Stephen – on different seasons, now engaged)

(Holly and Michael – on different seasons, now engaged)

(Tenley and Kiptyn – on different seasons and now dating)


What are you lovin’ on this Wednesday??

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