Friday, March 18, 2011

Let’s get a little hairy

Good morning loves! Hope you all had a great St. Patty’s!

Day 17 of Cait’s blog challenge is to post a picture of your biggest insecurity


Mine used to be my hair! As a kid, I could not appreciate the thickness, frizzy, and curly characteristics of my hair. I would always tie it back into a bun because I just wished I would wake up one day and have thin, straight hair! The grass is always greener, right?

People would always tease me about why I never wore my hair down and then when I would they would tease me for how thick and curly it was!


Finally when I discovered the wonderful world that is hair products I began to play and learn how to tame my hair. I finally started to appreciate and love my hair for what it was. God blessed me with thick, curly, crazy, beautiful hair that had endless possibilities and hairstyles!

Now I really do love my hair and find it so funny that I used to hide it instead of embrace it, but I guess that is all in growing up!




Some products I have found that I love using to tame my mane are…


The entire Frizz-Ease collection is amazing for this girl living in The humidity city!


Aveda damage remedy. You use it in the shower after you condition you hair. Amazing.


TRESemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray

Spray it on your hair before you blow dry and flat iron. I love this product!


Infusion Keratin Complex

This stuff is my life! It is like vitamins for your hair. You put it in right after the shower and my hair feels so much healthier after using this product!

And last but certainly not least.. my handy dandy…


One of the best inventions. ever.

I am sad my Spring Break is already coming to an end but I am going to the Rocket’s game tonight (WOOHOO!) and have a bachelorette party Saturday night! Not a bad way to end my Spring Break!

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!!

PS: Run, don’t walk to your computer because Forever 21 is donating 100% of what you spend online TODAY to the relief efforts in Japan. If that doesn’t squash any buyers remorse you may have, I don’t know what will!



  1. Lady you have terrific hair!! You don't know what a curly frizzy mess is! Sounds like a great wrap up to a Spring Break.. Spring Break.. Sigh.. I remember those days :)

  2. heyyy i just discovered your blog through cait's 30 day blog challenge and i love it i'm so glad i stumbled here! i'm a gleek too and a houston girl so i got so excited seeing your love for both on here! will definitely be following you!!

  3. I can SO relate. I have naturally curly hair and HATED it when I was younger. Now it is my favorite feature and I where it curly most of the time. It is so much easier for me and love being able to have the option!

  4. Your hair is beautiful! I'm with you though, when I was little I had thick curly hair, too. Especially middle school...the awkward years! haha (: But now I embrace the wildness! (or just straighten it!)

  5. great post! i used to hate my frizzy hair too, but i have learned how to tame it and it is all that matters now ;-) hope u have a great week!

    <3 megan
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