Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have gotten sort of behind on the blog challenge and blogging because school got in my way, and then I went and saw this guy at the Rodeo last night…

Anywho, I’ll back track and do a quick catch up of the Blog Challenge over at Fierce Fit and Fabulous
Day 6 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day
It was a close race between Kristin Chenoweth, Carrie Underwood and Lea Michele (Can you tell how badly I wish I could sing??) but the winner is…

Love love love, Gwyneth.

She is so beautiful, seems so down to earth and always having fun. I’d love to spend a day in her shoes especially because this was the email I received last week in place of her weekly blog…
I'm having an insanely busy week in LA, doing Glee and other madness. See you next week.
Can you imagine being too busy to blog because you're guest-starring on GLEE!!?? Oh, what a life! Gwyneth, how about we trade places for a day… Call me!!!
FYI – That GLEE episode she was taping..  it’s ON TONIGHT!!!
Day 7 - A picture of your most treasured item
Easy. My jewelry
Collected from so many different places, given to me by so many different people for different occasions. Baptism, graduation, birthdays, etc. I love all my jewelry so much especially because I was in a bus fire about 7 years ago and lost a bunch of jewelry that was irreplaceable. It broke my heart but I rebuilt my collection and pray that I never have to start from scratch again!
Day 8 – A picture that makes you laugh
(Sorry for the awful picture quality, this was taken on my I-phone)
This is my boyfriend’s dog, Lady. Don’t judge or call me an animal abuser (I mean, look at the picture, you know she loves it!)... occasionally we like to put clothes on her, preferably t-shirts and gym shorts because 1. she likes to play basketball, duh. and 2. it is absolutely hilarious!!
I love seeing this picture and it always brings a smile to my face because she looks so happy and with her mouth wide open she looks like she is saying “Hey, I’m ready, let’s go play some bball” HAH!
Happy Tuesday!! (don't forget to watch GLEE!)


  1. ohmygosh i love how you box of jewelry is all organized! where on earth did you get it from?! i'd love something like that! xo love your post girl! and umm tim mcgraw...so good ;) xo

  2. LOL!!!!!!!

    i love gwyneth too! but im cracking up at Lady! it is sooo cute!!! I dress my dog up too. He hates it LOL

  3. Haha! I love Glee and your dog picture! So funny :)

  4. I was wondering where you had been! Missed your challenge posts! I love that you picked Gwyneth and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Glee too. I haven't had time to watch the episode from tonight, but I loved the last one she was in. The dog picture is too cute!


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