Thursday, March 24, 2011

Put a skirt on it

Every since moving back in with my old roomies Lori, John & Brian (aka Mom, Dad & Brother) I have been filled with dilemma on how to decorate and arrange my bedroom because it is one of the only places that is JUST for me. I have the decor part down.. I love what I have done with my room *a post about my bargain finds will be up soon!* But my biggest dilemma has been my desk area! I kills me that I have to keep my desk in my bedroom but I am in college and need a place for my books/laptop etc..

I want a space that is pretty and doesn't look like a cluttered school desk but I need lots of storage! so my question has been how can I incorporate an efficient, but pretty desk area in my bedroom!?

Some of my thoughts have been to get rid of the desk entirely and perhaps just get a bookshelf to store all my things or to just suck it up and fulfill my desks simple dream of being a desk... a

I have come to the conclusion I just need to suck it up and allow my desk to live its purpose but it HAS to be pretty so I am leaning towards something like this...

genius! I could skirt my desk and keep storage hidden away underneath


Leaving the top looking clean!


Consolefinal1 little green notebook

Capture copy

I think this is the best solution for a glamorous desk area (as glamorous as a desk can be!) until I can have a real office of my own! As a matter of fact this would be a great solution to hide anything you don't want out in the open!

so what do you think?
Where is your desk and what are some ways you keep it organized and clutter free!?
and do you have anything skirted in your home??


  1. I really like the idea! I am a huge fan of shelving above my desk. I'll have to send you a picture of the pretty shelf that I have currently hanging above it. I really need a new desk, though. Mine just isn't big enough :(.

  2. Sounds like a good idea to me. I like the shelf idea too though, more storage and adds a little decoration!


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