Friday, July 15, 2011

The night I was high off Britney

Nicki was amazing. Britney was amazing. I don’t think we sat down once. My first Brit experience was so incredible I really don’t know how it could be topped. I am still high off Britney.

The gang:


Meg – Me – Roomie


in between dancing we stopped to pose for pictures




then I decided to cut 210930 people in the beer line and NO ONE noticed … hehe oops!

then we added a couple more “girlies” to the group


Veronica – Meg – Me – Jess – Candi Cancer

aaand I quote “I can cure you with sweetness” – Candi Cancer

BAHAhahahah they were hilarious!

This is what being high on Britney looks like…


THEN as we were leaving, I just so happened to run into the one and only Bailey from Peppermint Bliss!! I posted here about how I wanted to dress up like her!


First of all, can I say what a trooper/super fan/bad A to attend a Britney concert, 1. dressed in full costume, 2. With a broken foot (yep, she did that) and 3. at 9 months preggo. Tip of the hat to you

now a little backstory first (we were joking with guys earlier in the night that the only reason men came to the B. Spears concert was if they were gay or in trouble with their woman)

so I think the process of the interaction went a little something like this…

Me: woohooooooo I love Britney, I am so high off Britney

Me: Hey that guy was at Britney – is he gay or in trouble?

I’m pretty sure he answered… but this was when I realized that this guy was Pete, as in Pete Mr. peppermint bliss, so if HE is here, she must be…

then I look over and the stunning 9 months preggo Bailey was standing right there.

I may or may not have ran over to her, knocking people down, possibly scaring the living McBaby right out of her. Remind you, I am high off Britney (it can be dangerous)

If you haven’t been stalking her blog, after you heal from the embarrassment and humiliation, head over to Peppermint Bliss and learn a thing or two. This girl is insanely hilarious and talented – you will love it. Peppermint Bliss was the first blog I ever stumbled upon which led me to so many other great blogs, and to me starting my own little blog. Even though I am still very new at blogging, it was been such a great experience, inspiration and learning tool!  so to Bailey, I am sorry if I sent you into a fit of painful contractions and/or labor. But it was an honor.

However, I think at 9 months preg in 100 degree heat she might have thanked me if girly mcbaby popped out right there…

just sayin’ …..

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