Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My makeup routine/new Product Reviews

I love makeup and recently have purchased a bunch of new products that changed up my routine and I looove them so I thought I would share!



my makeup drawer all divided up by category – love!

First, I apply the Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer (found at Target)


This is probably my favorite new product! I never applied primer before but after buying and using this product I’ll never go without primer again. Let me tell you, if you don’t use a primer your mind is about to get blown! It makes such a huge difference in the way my makeup looks when I use the primer versus when I don’t.

Next, if I am going out/applying nighttime makeup I apply the tinted moisturizer – I think I saw this product on Shasta’s blog


This product is pretty good, it evens out your face pretty well and sets a good base.


Then I use the Pixi eye bright kit (found at Target). AMAZE. this is my other favorite product. I almost freaked when it went missing last week. There are four different colors I mostly just use the brightest white one for under my eyebrows and in the crease of my eyes. It really brightens up my eyes- I have always used a highlighter under my eyebrow but this one you can actually see for hours and in pictures! and sometimes I use the pink if I want to highlight my cheek bone.

Then I set with a dash of powder bronzer and contour my cheeks


I use the E.L.F. contour brush (LOVE- Target)


and Cargo Bronzer – this giant thing is only $32

Next, I apply a dash of my NARS orgasm blush with this new E.L.F. blush I bought and looooove the look. The NARS is a great bronzed blush look but this brighter E.L.F. color brightens up my cheeks a lot! perfect for summer!


Then I start doing my eye makeup! I know you are really supposed to do your eyes first but I like to do them last….make sure to knock off excess shadow on your brush so it doesn’t ruin your face makeup!

I use my new E.L.F. brushes, o.m.g. big THANK YOU to Lindsey aka The Bargain Blonde for introducing me to these amazing tools found at Target.  Why are they so great, you ask? 1. The length: They are really long, I love loooong brushes I feel like I have more control. 2. Every brush has the name on it so you won’t ever forget what its used for


3. The quality: LOOK at that contour below.

4. the PRICE! great quality brushes for $1-2 a piece! How can you beat that??


I use a variety of different cheapo eye shadows but this one from Rimmel is my favorite.


Then I put a little eyeliner only on top

And then apply my new favorite mascara

Cover girl Lash blast. Love the big wand this stuff makes my eyelashes so full and long!


Here is me out this weekend with all of these products on


So there you have it! All of my favorite makeup products! And even better… they are all affordable! I love makeup but cannot stand to empty my wallet on items that I feel you can get the same look for so much cheaper!

What are your favorite affordable products?


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. You are my hero. Thank you for posting this. I hate hate hate going to Sephora and dropping like 100 dollars on the BASICS. I can't even look at their brushes. Now I'm going to go buy some products guilt-free! YAY!

    Oh and my favorite cheap makeup staple is Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper lip gloss. It makes your lips look a teeny bit red and pretty and it's like a dollar. I know it's for little girls but it keeps my lips moist and adds color!

  2. I'm such a bum when it comes to trying to makeup! Grr...you've inspired me though. First step: primer!

    PS-are you not SO excited about tomorrow?!

  3. You are so pretty! I'm going to get some of those brushes!

  4. Love the organization! lol

    I'm a mess when it comes to my cosmetics. They're all over the place. My goal is to get our linen/toiletry closet organized this summer!

  5. I wish I knew how to apply brozer without looking like an Oscar statue! Looking forward to meeting you at the Houston Bloggers happy hour tomorrow night!

  6. That ELF blush is gorgeous! It looks exactly like my Bobbi Brown peony blush-- and probably 3x less expensive. Target has some good finds, but a lot are hit or miss so sometimes I hate to risk it. ALSO, I ONLY buy drugstore mascara -- love that Cover Girl stuff!! I do my eyes last, too. Don't worry :)

    I'm an H-town blogger (and sometimes meetup organizer) so I'm following you now! Come see me sometime! -Meg

  7. I love elf products, they're seriously the best!

    Kristen from Love Lipstick and Pearls

    (blogger comments is still being lame)

  8. So I went to Target last night and bought both of those Pixi products! You better not let me down!

  9. Holla! elf is seriously the best thing that's happened to me all year. I was going to post my elf haul post 2 today, but I'm going to do it tomorrow instead because I haven't had time today. Thanks for shouting ya girl out (me). ha.

    I keep hearing great things about their blush, so I'm going to have to give that a try next. Of course their brushes are the bomb and the first things that drew me into them.

    Great reviews!

  10. Having a good primer at your disposal gives you a better overall look when the make-up is done. And also, it keeps everything together overtime.

  11. I LOVEEEE that same primer!! Great minds thinks alike :)


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