Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a little bit of chicken fried

Happy Monday TUESDAY! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I loooooove holidays. 4th of July is one of my favorites! nothing better than getting together with friends, and/or family, where everyone is in a great mood, dressed in red white & blue and ready to celebrate our country and freedoms!

This weekend I didn’t really have much planned and it turned into a ridiculously fun weekend!

Here’s what mine consisted of:

Poolside Saturday, Sunday & Monday. yep.


listening to a bunch of great music

a night out dancing with girlfriends


homemade fried chicken & ranch dressing


{I will never buy ranch again. My friend Ryan made it homemade with ranch packets, mayo, salt & pepper, and bacon bits. oh my word. I would have drank it if I had been alone. }

on top of that he made homemade CHIPS and guac. so freaking delicious. seriously, I was spoiled silly the homemade ranch & chips were better than any store bought! note to self: buy a deep fryer


Inflatable beer pong table.


yep. play beer pong while still in the pool. genius.

you can get a pink one HERE

Flip cup


Inflatable slip-n-slide


you HAVE to have one of these at your next party. so. much. fun.


the weekend was so busy, my other roommate was exhausted.



Meet Khloe. my roomies cat. She was looking a little tired so we made her a little bed. we were DYING it was so funny because she really just laid there hahahah

she is such a good sport. I swear don’t call SPCA to report us. We dress her up, and put her in all kinds of hilarious predicaments and she just goes along with it. too funny.

Hope your weekend was filled with fun, laughter, friends & FOOD!

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