Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I love the look of a sunburst mirror but they can get quite pricey!


Target – $89.99


Horchow – $249


love this one from Ballard’s but its $149!

Let’s face it I am a broke college girl that loves a bargain so whenever I can cut corners I do! When Megan from Honey We’re Home posted HERE about Hi Sugarplum’s DIY Sunburst Mirror I knew I had to recreate it!


Cassie’s Sunburst Mirror

I followed her tutorial pretty closely


She calls for a 12’’ floral ring, an 18’’ floral ring and 2 packs of Wood shims.

Note* I had to buy 4 packs because the ones I found were smaller

Then you hot glue the wood shims around the 12’’ floral ring spacing them how you wish. Some pointers I picked up were to make sure and glue where the shim touches the 12’’ ring AND the 18’’ ring so it is all glued together. Also the floral rings have holes already in them so make sure to leave one a little open at the top to hang


my mirror

once you glue the first row of shims all around the 12’’ ring, wait a little while for them to dry. Then start gluing another row either longer or shorter than the first row to create depth.


Cassie’s Mirror

Let those dry for a little bit. I have a good glue gun that gets really hot so I really didn’t have to wait long at all, maybe 5-10 minutes.

Then I chose to spray paint mine a Cranberry color so it would have a good contrast against our apartment walls. I let it dry, then went over it again with the spray paint.

Then I glued the mirror on


I left a heavy vase on top for a couple hours to make sure it set

Note* Because you have different layers of wood, make sure you are gluing where the mirror TOUCHES the wood.

Then once it was dry, I hung it above our fireplace with 1 nail!


So there you have it! Super easy, great size and only cost about $25! I love how it looks & I already have a few people wanting me to make them one! :) Definitely going to be tackling some more DIY projects soon!

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  1. We have that first mirror at our apartment. I'm not sure where my roommate bought it but I'm sure she didn't pay that much for it!


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