Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bailey Anne: 2 Months

Weight 11 lbs 12 oz, 23 in. long

Clothes 0-3, size 1 diapers

During the day she is eating every 3 hours, during the night anywhere from 4-7 hours. We had our first 7 hour night this month. It was incredible!!! Although I did wake up multiple times and check if she was breathing.

She is doing so much better at napping as I have created more of a routine. I like to follow a routine but usually stress if I set my routine too strict, since she is still young I have a routine of what we do but not at certain times due to different wake up times, etc. It is pretty much Eat, play, nap, repeat. Play is either tummy time, laying on her play mat, swinging (which she loves now) or an outing.

Personality: She smiles and laughs so much now, and tries so hard to talk to us and mimic what our mouths are doing.

She is a curious girl and very observant. It is hilarious when I walk with you, you turn your head back and forth back and forth real fast to look at everything we are passing. You will stare at your toys, mirrors, etc for a few minutes but a lot of your time is spent starting at ceiling fans, light fixtures (it is hilarious to watch your face when we turn it off and on), the couch, paintings, and other things around our home. Makes me think you could maybe have a love for home d├ęcor just like your momma!

We have had a lot more outings this month as you have started to like your car seat and the car much more, We have been to home goods quite a bit, academy, target, various other stores, and your first girls night!


She also had her first road trip this month, to Horseshoe bay! She did amazingly well, I was so proud! We only had to stop once on the way up there and didn’t even have to stop on the way home!! I was nervous at first but now feel confident about taking future trips!

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  1. She is adorable!!
    I have been dying for a trip to Horseshoe Bay this Summer!!


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