Thursday, June 21, 2012

My road to bliss

When I started blogging I was at a crossroads with where my life was headed so I appropriately named my blog “The Road to Bliss” to help chronicle my journey at finding bliss in every aspect of my life.

So, naturally when I got engaged, married and had Bailey, I debated for weeks on changing my blog name. Because I now, had found bliss.


Even though I am happier than I have ever been, I began thinking that no matter where we are in our lives we should always be on the road to bliss. We should never arrive there and just stop. Life doesn’t stop. We need to be constantly challenging ourselves, trying new things, creating new hobbies, making new friends, always striving to be a better person, Christian, friend, wife and mom. All of which will continue to bring more and more bliss into our lives every day!  You’ll never hear anyone say they have too much bliss in their lives!

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So I ask you friends, are you on your road to bliss?

here are 3 ways to break out of your same old, same old and bring in some more bliss!

1. make a new friend/reconnect with old friends or commit to seeing your current friends more

Seek out other bloggers in your area, contact old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Both of which I am committed to doing this summer! I have such a fun group of bloggers (Htown bloggers) in my area that meet up each month and I have never been (for shame) but come July, I will be there! I also just learned a friend from elementary school just moved into my neighborhood and another moved nearby! We have all said we will get together. but I am committed to making that happen! I am also committing to seeing my current friends more often, we all get so busy and live all over the city  so its easy to go weeks without seeing them! Not any longer! I went over to one of my best friends houses last night to catch up and hang out


2. Find a new hobby: try a new workout

I recently tried Zumba for the first time. I almost chickened out and just went to my trusty old treadmill but I challenged myself and am SO glad that I did. That had to be the most fun I have ever had working out. and even bigger plus, I am pretty sore which in workout code means its working, right?….

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba, Zumba!!

I should look like this in no time, no? I am excited to continue going to a class I love and there are many more I can’t wait to try!

‘3. clear the clutter/revamp some old furniture

Clean out your closets, garage, even your car. Clearing the clutter will instantly give you a mood booster! And could possibly make you some cash! Have a garage sale, a blog sale, or take your items to a store like Plato’s closet where they will buy your gently used clothes. Or just do your good deed for the day and donate them!

You could go an even further step and revamp an old piece of furniture, a mirror or even some picture frames. It’s amazing what a can of paint (even spray) can do!

I don’t have a photo of my actual chairs before (shame) but picture something like this

old chipped pair of awful

bring in a small can of paint, fabric and a staple gun

Brand “New” chairs!


How are you bringing bliss into your life?


  1. i just found your blog through natasha's and i am so glad i did- this post is fantastic! i completely agree that we must always seek our bliss and happiness in our lives :) your suggestions are wonderful.. and i am a big fan of new workouts! XO

  2. Jenny! You need to join the Htown Blogger Hotties group and come to one of the get together! They have them monthly. I went to my first one last month and it was so much fun! I needed a way to meet new people after moving back to Houston and it has been great!

    I love your blog and seeing where you are in life, after all these years of not seeing each other! It's crazy!

  3. Such a great post and I LOVE those chairs! What a great makeover!

  4. that repurposed chair looks great! love it i love any project requiring spray paint, it is an easy way for a quick update

  5. Love this! I would love that second print in my home! You go girl :) New follower!


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