Monday, July 16, 2012

Phone Photo Monday!

Today I am linking up with Savannah and Ashlee for….

Some of these you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram {roadtobliss}! If you don’t follow me, you should, and I’ll follow you. sounds a little creepy.. anywho, here we go!

a night out with friends!

We just can’t help ourselves.


celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary.

the little dress GiGi and PawPaw brought back from Cabo!

had to stand here for a good 10 minutes because Michaels is locking up spray paint now!! What’s next, glue and bath salts? crazy kids…ruining it for us all

Cara Loren hair on day 3 AMAZE

pretty new kicks. on sale. double win

givin me some ‘tude already, hahah

but then a smile, love her!


  1. Its so annoying that they lock up the spray paint! I had to wait a good 10 minutes too the last time I needs some. Lame! Found you from the link up! Happy Monday!

  2. ok you have to tell me more about this hair because it looks AMAZING!

  3. your baby is so cute!! i love those cheeks!! and your hair is gorgeous!!

  4. Haha. Love the photos of the baby! So so cute!

  5. what a little doll! I'm dying over her little blue dress!!

  6. congrats on your 6 month anniversary and your cara loren hair is just fabulous!! i loved her tutorial on how she gets her waves, my hairstyle has forever been changed because of a hair wand and not a curling iron

  7. Babies in Mexican dresses is one of those things I can't even handle! The cuteness is off the charts!!

  8. not all of your pics are showing up :( But I totally agree on the spray paint!! I needed some the other day and had to wait forever. Love your hair too, I'm going to have to check that out!


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