Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Becoming The Broussard’s: The engagement

Thank you all for the sweet comments and congratulations, we have been so overjoyed by all the blessings God has given us… all at the SAME TIME! but let me preface this by saying, it took me a while to get to this place. I want to be real, really real, so that anyone else that may go through the same thing can know that its ok to freak out and be scared, and maybe think “why me”, but also know that God would never give us more than we can handle and he has His perfect plan so while now I may be happier in every way, it did take me some time to accept that my life was about to change forever and granted, much faster than I had planned! I’m going to begin recapping the past few months so we’ll start with the engagement!…

October 23, 2011

Brad and I had been together almost 3 years, of course we had our ups and downs but always knew we were “it” for each other and needless to say, being a female in loooove, I had been wanting to get engaged for about 2 of the 3 yearsSmile Throughout our relationship we have always gone and stayed at his family’s bay house in Galveston, and that weekend, Brad suggested we go down to Galveston for the day. so of course, we drove the hour down to the beach to grab lunch, hang out, but then we checked in to the Hotel Galvez. This is when I knew something was weird, he isn’t a good liar and he had a house in Galveston, why would we stay in a hotel? I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I brushed it off that he was just doing something sweet.

We had walked around the strand a bunch but then Brad said he wanted to go walk the beach again before dinner and was adamant that I hurry and get ready so we could get to the beach before the sun set (red flag!) Still, not wanting to get my hopes up I just brushed it off and we headed for the beach.

We walked, and walked, and WALKED for what seemed like forever (he says he was waiting for the people around us to go away hah) and I thought “ok this really isn’t happening!” but then he said “look at that shell!” He bent down and picked up a seashell from the beach and I wasn’t really paying attention, it was just a shell… but then he said “look what’s inside” I turned towards him and saw the most gorgeous diamond ring I had ever seen!!



Finally I had caught on, either it was our luckiest day and we just found a diamond ring or he was proposing!!! He got down on one knee as the sun was setting and said a bunch of sweet things then asked me to marry him and I said “of course”!!

Tears started pouring when he unveiled the story behind the ring. It was his grandmothers aunt’s ring (who had told him after meeting me for the second time, that she had a ring she wanted me to wear one day) and is a European cut diamond from the 1920’s with about 10 baguettes and 18 small diamonds around the sides. not only is that incredible and such an honor that his grandmother wanted him to give me this ring, but when he slipped the ring on my finger, it fit me PERFECTLY. talk about fate! it could not have been more perfect and more beautiful than any ring I could have imagined for myself!

What a perfect weekend!

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  1. SO exciting :) And what an awesome story you have behind your ring! congrats!!!!


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